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Health Coaching Session

+ Food Intolerance Test

Health Coaching Session + Food Intolerance Test

The Olive & Dove Health Coaching Session + Food Intolerance Test includes one-to-one 30min coaching session with Bee Westwood, MScN. You can book this service as many times as needed to gain insight over your own health concerns, learn practical ways to support your mind & body, and achieve your goals once and for all. All Olive & Dove sessions are virtual.


Food Intolerance Test Kit. You will purchase directly from their website and use the promo code given to you after our first health coaching session. $150, discount applied.

The Food Intolerance Test is now available to individuals who are not seeking an in-depth protocol that is curated after the Phase 1 initial consultation. Clients of Olive & Dove Nutrition have reported incredible results from avoiding foods your body cannot properly digest. In just a few weeks, clients have reported no more brain fog, a great relief from anxiety & depression, increased energy, rapid weight loss, improved digestion/IBS symptoms, decreased inflammation, and more.

Nutrition & Lifestyle Plan

The Olive & Dove Nutrition & Lifestyle Plan includes five one-on-one sessions (phase 1 & 2), a customized health plan, recipes, how-to guides, and all the support and guidance you need to start on your path to optimal health. Considering how much medical bills and prescriptions cost, there’s no telling how much money healthier living can save you!

PHASE 1: Tilling the Soil


Tilling the Soil


We dig deep into your current health situation before we can give you the tools you need and create the ideal conditions for you to thrive. Here, we assess your health history, current dietary intake, relationship with food, and other key factors.

PHASE 2: Planting the Seeds


Planting the Seeds

Four 30-minute wellness sessions

Over the next two to three months, we help you plant the seeds of healthier living and give you the necessary ongoing support and consultation so those seeds take root. 

Wellness Visit (1/4) – 
We develop a comprehensive strategy to begin implementing dietary, supplemental, and lifestyle modalities that will help you reach your goals and resolve any health issues.

Wellness Visit (2/4) – 
Checking in is important. Have you ever been easily derailed from your goals or succumb to old habits? Your Integrative Nutritionist will use health coaching techniques to help you better understand your habits & provide insight as to how to adhere to your protocol as best as possible.

Wellness Visit (3/4) –
You’re nearly there! You can expect to see your health issues begin to resolve & feel empowered by the positive changes happening in your body.

Wellness Visit (4/4) –
Hard work pays off. You’ll proceed in life & work more confidently with newfound energy, clarity, & connection. We will provide the tools you need to know how to nourish yourself & navigate the world of food.

We Treat the Root Cause, Not Mask the Symptoms

With Olive & Dove
  • 5 one-on-one virtual consultations
  • A wellness plan fit to your unique needs — mind, body and spirit
  • Support and guidance to create a firm foundation for optimal health
Ignoring the Issues
  • Expensive drug prescriptions often with adverse side effects
  • Countless doctor appointments and ER visits
  • Years of declining health, brick walls and few answers

Welness Follow-ups

Watering the Flower

30-minute wellness follow-ups

Despite lofty claims from those pushing quick-fix cures and miracle diets, real change doesn’t happen overnight. This is going to take time, determination and commitment on your part. But once you start seeing and feeling the results, you’ll realize it’s all been worth it. 

After the first few months, you may need more time and consultation to get you to where you want to be. We’ll be here for you, for as long as you need us to be, with the expert guidance and support to make sure you stay on the right track.

Not included in the initial package price. Only available for those who have completed the first two phases.


In following the nutritional guidelines from Olive & Dove Nutrition, issues such as these can be resolved, or symptoms greatly alleviated:

Autoimmune Issues
High Blood Pressure
Elevated cholesterol levels
Skin conditions (acne, eczema, psoriasis, etc.)
Cardiovascular disease
HPA Axis Dysfunction (a better term for adrenal fatigue)
Chronic fatigue / Brain fog
Migraines / Headaches
Cancer prevention / support
Low libido / sexual dysfunction

Smoking cessation
Epigenetics (prevention of hereditary disorders and diseases)
Candida / yeast issues
Women’s health (hormone balancing)
Digestive issues (constipation, diarrhea, bloating, etc.)
Sustainable weight loss
Emotional wellbeing
Purpose & meaning
Mood & Anxiety
Stress management

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