Offering a rare mix of expertise, transparency and understanding born from personal experience, Olive & Dove Nutrition is an integrative nutrition and supplementation service specializing in custom holistic solutions for those looking to improve their quality of life through healthier choices.


God made you one of a kind, and optimal health comes from giving your one-of-a-kind body the fuel it needs to operate at peak conditions, from organically farmed whole foods to bioavailable natural supplements.


Your expert guide along the path toward healing and achieving your health goals, we hold true to the principles of holistic nutrition by assessing the whole you — mind, body and spirit — and addressing your needs and concerns as a unique individual.


We empower you by giving you the tools you need to take an active role in your health. With the compassion, respect and expert insight you deserve, we provide an affordable, personalized protocol focused on dietary and lifestyle changes, as well as the ongoing support to sustain them.

Why Olive & Dove?

To signify that the flood was over and rebuilding the earth could begin, God sent Noah a dove carrying a freshly plucked leaf from an olive tree. This enduring symbol of peace, life and hope aptly reflects Olive & Dove Nutrition’s mission to help people find answers to what ails them naturally, become better stewards of their own bodies, and start planting the seeds for a healthier, happier life.

Expert Guidance From Someone Who’s Been There

When searching for natural alternatives and real solutions to your health issues, you want not only an expert in the field but also someone who’s been where you’ve been, understands your suffering and frustrations, and knows what works and doesn’t work.

As a teenager, Bee Westwood experienced a number of chronic health issues including SIBO, disordered eating, eczema, hypochlorhydria, brain fog, anxiousness, and chronic fatigue. When the doctors had few answers, and she was left with little hope, she took it upon herself to find her own solutions. 

Through Bee’s own nutrition research, diet experimentation, and lifestyle adjustments, she emerged from the darkness of disease and poor health into the light of a happier, healthier life, with keen intuition and emotional intelligence to help others do the same. This dynamic healing journey fueled her passion to earn her MS in Nutrition from the National University of Natural Medicine and be the catalyst in other people’s lives towards confidence, vitality, and joy.

Bee can truly testify to the power of God-given whole foods and the philosophies within traditional eating practices. That’s why today, her mission for Olive & Dove Nutrition is to spread the good news that healing is possible through individualized nutrition & supplementation.

Bee Westwood, MScN

Owner & Founder

Take Control by Taking an Active Role in Your Health Now.