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A one-of-a-kind plan because you’re one of a kind

Contrary to mainstream medicine’s one-size-fits-all approach focused on masking symptoms rather than treating the root cause, we understand that your body is unique and should be treated as such, with a comprehensive plan tailored to your specific health goals and how God made you.

Sustainable, affordable change toward optimal health

From pain relief and disease prevention to greater energy and clarity, integrative nutrition offers a path to healing and a better quality of life. We can help you take control by taking an active role in your health and making sustainable changes that can curtail the exorbitant medical costs that come with an unhealthy lifestyle.

Treating the whole you

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It’s not in your head, but your head plays an important role in your healing, as does your body and spirit. After all, the three were designed to work in harmony. That’s why we explore everything that impacts your overall health — the physical, emotional, and spiritual.

True Expertise &


Bee Westwood 

Integrative Nutritionist | Owner & Founder

As a teenager, Bee had multiple health issues for which she had to find her own solutions. She knows what it’s like to be sick and tired, dismissed by doctors, and desperate for answers. Now a true expert on the subject, she knows what it takes to feel better. Her own health journey combined with an MS in Nutrition makes Bee a true expert on the subject of natural healing and what it really takes to feel better.  Learn More

The respect, honesty & compassion you deserve

We treat you how Bee wishes others treated her back then — with caring, transparency and empathy, fighting to find you answers while taking you and your concerns seriously. It’s what you should expect but likely won’t find with other medical or alternative healthcare professionals.


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“Finding her has been a Godsend… I highly recommend Bee for her personable, charming, and likable working relationship. She is very thorough in evaluating client history to develop a customized plan. Bee also has impeccable professional qualifications.”

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“Bee is a fantastic nutritionist and person! She answered all of my questions promptly and has been a pleasure to work with thus far. She will be my go-to nutrition consultant from now on. I highly recommend her.”

Testimonial 1

“I wasn’t getting much help from the medical community. Drugs only masked the pain, and the side effects were no fun. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. Thankfully, I eventually found Bee, who once had similar conditions as me, and her expert guidance helped me turn the corner with my health. She has truly been a blessing.”

Start on your path toward healing and optimal health today!